The foundation of All Amber is built upon two key principles:

1. A steadfast belief in the power of conferences to be progressive platforms. Platforms that which facilitate and enable the expansion, growth and development of businesses and industries.

2. A desire to improve the standard of conferences available. To provide a full and proper return on the time and money investments that speakers, sponsors and attendees commit when deciding to contribute at and attend a conference.

We believe that conferences perform a unique business function. On too many occasions organisers take advantage of that position and use short term thinking in the production of an event. Corners are cut, the quality is diminished, a lack of care and attention is given and often it is for no particular reason aside from not being dedicated and focused on truly delivering a best-in-class experience to all.

Since we were founded in June 2009, we have produced conferences that have been of the highest calibre. And that isn't conference sales talk – that’s taken directly from the feedback we've received from your peers.  

We delight in collating the results of our attendee surveys at the end of each conference. Here are the key findings that we're proud to have extracted from our first ten events:

Here is just a tiny selection of testimonials that our customers have offered us:

This is my first event with All Amber. I am thoroughly impressed. This is first class, never-seen-before. Honestly.

SAMUEL OKOCHA, Representative, VC4Africa

My first experience of an all amber event was very, very positive – great turnout, great interaction and great format. I’ve been to a few conferences and simply put this was the best.

BRETT ST. CLAIR, Head of New Products Sub Sahara Africa, Google

Thanks for an incredible, well organised, well thought out event. Very impressed and I picked up some great business. Of the conferences I have attended this was my best one yet.

ELODIE KLEYNHANS, Managing Director, Blink Tower

Thanks for a wonderful conference, I enjoyed drinking from the fountain of cutting edge mobile experts.

TEBOGO MABOYA, Strategist, OMG Digital South Africa

Mobile Web West Africa was a fantastic event. Great speakers, great ambience and great App Comp; I really enjoyed every moment of it and learned so much.

CHIOMA NWAGBOSO, Finance & Private Sector Specialist, The World Bank

What a great conference – I have learnt more that’s relevant to my business in 4 days than I did in 4 years of university.

EMMANUEL VILAKAZI, Director, Palama Group



FOUNDER & CEO (Chief Enabling Officer)

After graduating, Matthew started his career in London focusing on the digitisation of the defence industry and organising conferences on the subject. He quickly developed an aptitude for understanding the impact of technology, dissecting complex relationships and delivering international, industry leading conferences. Following 18 months of worldwide travel, where he visited 17 countries spread over 5 continents, he continued to work in the defence industry, this time as an analyst and consultant. In 2006, Matthew switched industries to work at the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation where alongside senior individuals from governments, regulators and the private sector his focus was on maximising the potential of telecommunications, particularly mobile, in the emerging Commonwealth countries. In June 2009, Matthew created his own company, All Amber. Since its inception All Amber has assisted in enabling the growth of the mobile industry in Africa by supporting the abundance of young and ambitious entrepreneurs, concentrating on innovation and facilitating business relationships within countries, across the continent and with international stakeholders. In July 2011, Matthew joined the UK Prime Minister’s Trade Delegation to South Africa & Nigeria. He is also a member of the UKTI’s sub-Saharan Africa Task Force and has spoken at the 17th Nigerian Economic Group Summit (November 2011, Abuja), SXSW (March 2012 & 2013) and Aim for Africa (June 2012, London).


CMO (Chief Mobilising Officer)

A seasoned marketing and events expert, Andrew’s career began after graduation in Canada when he worked in the telecommunications industry. His early focus was on internal and external communications, marketing and sales. He overachieved throughout. After moving to London in early 2007 he took up his first position in the conference industry and spent the next 4 years establishing his credentials and leading the marketing, database and partnerships functions and embracing social media. Coinciding with a return to his native Canada, his association with All Amber became official in January 2011. His detailed knowledge of the mobile web, social networking, mobile games and virtual goods has been invaluable to the development of our conferences. This combined with his love of travel and proven marketing and promotional skill set have led to him becoming an intrinsic part of the All Amber machine.


CBO (Chief Business Officer)

With over 10 years’ experience working in technology and media in London Tony, who has recently relocated to Ghana, is outstandingly well placed for his role as CBO at All Amber. His array of achievements can be split into 3 key facets. Firstly, he has been an integral consultant to a number of African start-ups in the mobile and technology space. Secondly, he has been heavily involved in organising some of the most impactful Africa focused technology conferences over the past few years. These include the M-health Africa Summit as well as the successful BarCamp Africa-UK series. Thirdly, he has worked as a journalist covering the technology space in sub-Saharan Africa. His highly regarded pieces have appeared in esteemed publications such as Mobile World Magazine, BBC, MyJoyonline and the Guardian Africa network. As an Economics graduate, he meshes his academic background with real life experience of doing business in Africa to provide valuable insight to clients. Tony regularly shares his knowledge, expertise and insights as a speaker at technology conferences and events.


CIO (Chief Instigating Officer)

After studying in both Munich and London, Götz began his career in the business events industry where he focused on the financial services sector. He undertook a range of duties and quickly excelled at all of them. His ability to form long term business relationships, conscientious approach, organisational skills, and ability to understand detailed issues in this core business area saw him rise through the ranks and establish himself as a key element of a leading conference and training company. Having gained far ranging experience in sales, marketing, production, management and business development, Götz joined the All Amber team in June 2012. He has quickly applied those skills to a different environment and due to his straightforward demeanour, efficiency and effectiveness is seen as central to All Amber’s future plans.


We work with industry leading organisations when organising our events and securing their support is vitally important to our success. Furthermore, we believe that the longevity of the relationships we have forged illustrates the level of return that our events deliver to them. Here’s just a sample of the prominent companies that have partnered with us:


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