The foundation of All Amber is built upon two key principles:

1. A steadfast belief in the power of conferences to be progressive platforms. Platforms that facilitate and enable the expansion, growth and development of businesses and industries.

2. A desire to improve the standard of conferences available. To provide a full and proper return on the time and money investments that speakers, sponsors and attendees commit when deciding to contribute at and attend a conference.

We believe that conferences perform a unique business function. On too many occasions organisers take advantage of that position and use short term thinking in the production of an event. Corners are cut, the quality is diminished, a lack of care and attention is given and often it is for no particular reason aside from not being dedicated and focused on truly delivering a best-in-class experience to all.

Since we were founded in June 2009, we have produced conferences that have been of the highest calibre. And that isn't conference sales talk – that’s taken directly from the feedback we've received from your peers.  

We delight in collating the results of our attendee surveys at the end of each conference. Here are the key findings that we're proud to have extracted from our first ten events:

Here is just a tiny selection of testimonials that our customers have offered us:

This is my first event with All Amber. I am thoroughly impressed. This is first class, never-seen-before. Honestly.

SAMUEL OKOCHA, Representative, VC4Africa

My first experience of an all amber event was very, very positive – great turnout, great interaction and great format. I’ve been to a few conferences and simply put this was the best.


Thanks for an incredible, well organised, well thought out event. Very impressed and I picked up some great business. Of the conferences I have attended this was my best one yet.

ELODIE KLEYNHANS, Managing Director, Blink Tower

Thanks for a wonderful conference, I enjoyed drinking from the fountain of cutting edge mobile experts.

TEBOGO MABOYA, Strategist, OMG Digital South Africa

Mobile Web West Africa was a fantastic event. Great speakers, great ambience and great App Comp; I really enjoyed every moment of it and learned so much.

CHIOMA NWAGBOSO, Finance & Private Sector Specialist, The World Bank

What a great conference – I have learnt more that’s relevant to my business in 4 days than I did in 4 years of university.

EMMANUEL VILAKAZI, Director, Palama Group



FOUNDER & CEO (Chief Enabling Officer)

In June 2009, Matthew Dawes, Founder of AllAmber Ltd, seized an opportunity to utilise his business skills and knowledge to initiate a series of ground-breaking conferences and to develop a successful business focusing upon the potential of mobile content and services in sub- Saharan Africa. His journey has been a rewarding and extensive one, built on the belief that the mobile device is going to have a transformational effect on societies across sub-Saharan Africa. It has enabled him to spend significant periods in the key markets of Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Twice he has been asked to contribute at SXSW in Austin, Texas, he also joined the UK Prime Minister’s business delegation on his trip to the continent in July 2012 and has been interviewed on several occasions for TV, radio, print and online and has contributed at conferences. Matthew’s pragmatic, hardworking and entrepreneurial nature has seen his conferences and company lauded across the distinctive African mobile ecosystems, to the degree whereby his personal reputation for delivering high calibre projects is now well-established. His open approach to facilitating business relationships has led to him becoming a key connector and advisor in these growing markets and as a result, he enjoys the benefits of access to a very substantial network across the region.


CMO (Chief Mobilising Officer)

A seasoned marketing and events expert, Andrew’s career began after graduation in Canada when he worked in the telecommunications industry. His early focus was on internal and external communications, marketing and sales. He overachieved throughout. After moving to London in early 2007 he took up his first position in the conference industry and spent the next 4 years establishing his credentials and leading the marketing, database and partnerships functions and embracing social media. Coinciding with a return to his native Canada, his association with All Amber became official in January 2011. His detailed knowledge of the mobile web, social networking, mobile games and virtual goods has been invaluable to the development of our conferences. This combined with his love of travel and proven marketing and promotional skill set have led to him becoming an intrinsic part of the All Amber machine.


We work with industry leading organisations when organising our events and securing their support is vitally important to our success. Furthermore, we believe that the longevity of the relationships we have forged illustrates the level of return that our events deliver to them. Here’s just a sample of the prominent companies that have partnered with us:


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